• Byron ECO Park

    Living and working in harmony with nature ...

    - the spirit of Byron Bay...

  • Byron Eco Park

    Experience the spirit of Byron Bay

  • Experience the spirit of Byron Bay

    Relax in a pristine beachfront environment

Ethical investment

With its own bio-energy plant, making it energy independent, and many other cutting-edge ECO-features, the Byron ECO Park project, at Eagle Farm Byron Bay Australia, is a living laboratory for a nature-friendly ecological lifestyle.
We seek participants and partners who value ethical investing, a sustainable approach to modern living, and wish to make a difference to our contemporary society by being part of the development of an inspirational model for clean, efficient living, at our eco-village set in a futuristic garden paradise.

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Our Proposed Sustainable Development

Electricity production is largely coal fueled industry - it produces vast quatities of CO2 and it's use is actually growing worldwide during a time when Greenhouse Gas driven Climate Change is a major controversy. Devloping renewable energy technologies to fuel our contemporary lifestyle is a the challenge of our times. PV solar panels on roofs, Wind- and hydro turbines, while not enough to cover all our industrial needs, fit in with “iGrid” technology concept.

Only Biomass has the potential to became a significant renewable energy source, replacing conventional fossil fuel and the nuclear based energy industries. It offers the hope of greening the deserts!

To research, demonstrate and educate Farmers, Byron ECO Park at Eagle Farm in Byron Bay Australia has the potential to show this renewable low-impact energy production cycle within a holistic view of a sustainable lifestyle choice in harmony with nature!

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Australia's Stonehenge

Eagle Farm is an eco-community in harmony with nature on a gorgeous 175-acre coastal property, close to Byron Bay, one of the most beautiful places on the whole planet.

Tranquil ocean and rural views, mystical pre-historic stone structures, and contemporary renewable energy technologies combine to create a totally unique, 100% ecologically sustainable domestic village and eco-tourism resort.

It is a place of vision and optimism which combines the best of natural living with cutting edge approaches to a sustainable lifestyle.

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Timber by EMSIEN-3 LTD

Eagle Farm

On a gorgeous 75-hectare coastal property located in Byron Shire on the north coast of New South Wales, Dieter Horstmann has been working closely with architects from L.A.V.A (Laboratory forVisionary Architecture) to create a unique eco resort, which features a set of mystical pre-historic stone structures, and many energy innovations, to create a 100% ecologically sustainable domestic village and eco-tourism resort.

  • A Natural Environment

    A Natural Environment

    Byron ECO Farm is set among the pristine beauty of a natural environment on the foreshores of Byron Bay. The landscape is alive with birdlife and native fauna. The village is a model of energy efficiency and forward thinking approaches to living with nature.

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  • Byron ECO Park

    Byron ECO Park

    A truly unique holiday resort.

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  • A fantasy holiday experience

    A fantasy holiday experience

    Explore the amazing fantasy stone structures

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  • Live in a Tipi.

    Live in a Tipi.

    A holiday should be a unique experience. Stay in an authentic Tipi looking out over the famous surfing beach of Byron Bay. A holiday you will never forget!

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  • Magic and Mystery

    Magic and Mystery

    There has never been another place like it!

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