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A unique holiday experience in a pristine natural lanscape, on the forshores of beautiful Byron Bay

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Byron ECO Park and Eagle Farm

Byron ECO Park and Eagle Farm

Eagle Farm is an eco-community in harmony with nature on a beautiful 175-acre coastal property, close to the world-famous surfing beach of Byron Bay Australia - one of the most beautiful placesin Australia if not the world, and a perfect place to get away from it all, relax and rejuvenate.

It offers an unforgettable holiday atmosphere amidst the beauties of nature - tranquil ocean and rural views, surrounded fascinating magical pre-historic stone structures creating a totally unique, 100% ecologically sustainable holiday village and eco-tourism resort.

With its own bio-energy plant, making it independent of traditional industrialised power sources, the village showcases many other contemporary cutting edge ECO-friendly features, finding alternative fuels for a nature-friendly ecological lifestyle. Byron ECO Park at Eagle Farm is a model for ethical investing in a positive future, offering prosperity for like-minded investors in a garden paradise.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Electricity production is currently an industrialised process using coal and it’s growing.

PV solar panels on roofs, Wind- and hydro turbines while not enough to cover our needs, fits in with “iGrid” technology.

Only Biomass has the potential to became a significant source replacing conventional technologies and it allows the potential to combine positive outcomes. And becomes an Industry which can green the deserts!

To carry out research,and to demonstrate and educate our guests and spread a positive ecological message, Eagle Farm has the potential to show this in a holistic view, closing circles in harmony with nature!


We plan to use high efficient (25%) PV panels tracking the sun, like trees giving shade to the ground where organic matter grows with the nitrogen water from the STP plant. Some of this Organic matter is food for the local people and in a natural way goes to the STP plant. Then separated into water, biogas and sludge.

Bio gas gets burned producing electricity and heat, which is transported with molten salt and stored. Sludge like other organic matter from the farm processed to bio char “syngas” and heath who also get transported with molten salt to the heat storage. Bio char used to improve the soil to “terra preta” who gives us good food. Syngas can be used to generate Bio fuel or heat, again transported with molten salt to the heat storage.

This heat storage is like a battery and even in times of over supply of electricity this electricity from the grid be stored as heat! And unlike as some sugar cane plants producing steam turbine power by burning organic matter direct we now can run the steam turbines on demand to produce electricity for the grid.

We appeal to the public, politicians and power industries is to give this project a go and find out if this can be done in harmony with nature.

Our Team

An imaginative, ethical, nature-loving team with a passion for sustainable technology.

  • Founder, Dieter Horstmann

    Founder, Dieter Horstmann

    On a unique 75-hectare coastal property located in Byron Shire on the far north coast of New South Wales, Dieter Horstmann is using a set of pre-historic stone structures and innovative forward looking thinking to create a totally unique, 100% ecologically sustainable domestic village and eco-tourism resort.

    Mr Horstmann has spent the last 5 years working closely with architects from L.A.V.A. (LABORATORY FOR VISIONARY ARCHITECTURE) "dreaming up" plans for the proposed eco-village, which aims to be an example of environmental best-practice that will provide a model which can be repeated nationally or internationally.

    Born and raised in Germany, a country recognised for its environmentally-conscious technologies, Mr Horstmann has always been passionate about finding alternative fuels for a nature-friendly ecological lifestyle.

  • Founder, Dieter Horstmann

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