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With Understanding, Change is Possible

Green Power is any process that can produce energy without pollution or the production of greenhouse gases.

Ecology is the study of the interaction between living things and their environment. By looking carefully at our human interactions with the environment, we can discover where we are having an adverse impact and this informs the pathways to changing these interactions for our own future benefit.

 Byron Bay's 'Zero Emissions' Policy:

  • green power
  • fossil fuel free mobility
  • architecture in harmony with nature
  • recycle waste, use it to convert to energy, use it in farming
  • landscaping respects living soil

Renewable energy: How to safely claim zero emissions for electric vehicles

Desirable Goals for a Green Transformation:

  • Solar panels on all domestic rooftops
  •  larger scale local Solar Farms
  • Minimum over-production, to minimize wastage.
  • Intelligent consumption 
  • Energy storage solutions
  • Long term, Hydrogen power from electrolysis 'regulates' microgrid - together with batteries, guarantees 24/7 energy


  • Cars no longer can be 'status symbols' or collectors items - their value is measured by clean efficiency
  • FC EV buses for local transport (fuel cells convert the chemical energy of hydrogen into electrical energy)
  • Trucks are cheaper to run on hydrogen - lower transport/delivery costs while saving on emissions
  • New H2 fuel station network and re-charging stations - circular challenge : 'green' mobility vehicles become more attractive with easier fuel/recharging options, while green energy refueling netwroks are only profitable when critical mass of green vehicles . Needs urgent Government support for seamless and timely transition.

Various models to support fossil fuel free mobility:

Subsidies  - 50% in Finland, Sweden & South Korea

                   - Fixed sum subsidy and tax-free in Germany

                  -  No assistance for transition in Australia, plus 'luxury car' tax.







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