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The way that humans use and change the land and its vegetation can have a profound effect on the climate, and can either counteract or exacerbate climate change. These effects are often overlooked when discussing action on climate change (aka global warming or global heating).

The recent public outcry over land clearing rates in Australia, particularly Queensland, was largely about the resulting loss of biodiversity. Less talked about was the impact of all that land clearing and deforestation on local and regional climates, and the impact of this on human communities and surrounding ecosystems as global heating intensifies.

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Landclearing at Kingvale Station. Photo Kerry Trapnell/ The Wilderness Society.

Global heating impacts natural ecosystems and agriculture

Human activities are heating the planet, and our climate is changing, causing major changes to both natural ecosystems and agriculture. Increasing average temperatures will shift the locations of what crops can be grown where, and will make land in some locations unable to support agriculture. More extreme temperatures are also drying out ecosystems and endangering wildlife (like flying foxes who can’t handle heatwaves and start to drop out of the trees, dead).

Longer and more severe droughts are damaging not only crops but entire ecosystems by contributing to increased bushfire severity.

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Byron Solar Revolution

Byron Solar Revolution

"The Byron Solar Revolution" was a fascinating and timely Symposium held at Byron ECO Park, near the Tyagarah airstrip just off the Pacific Highway between Byron Bay and Mullumbimby, which focussed on the use of renewable-energy technology to lead the way to a greener Australia, which in the long run is softer on the earth and the wallet. The introductory sessions showcased renewable energy technologies and the featured speaker was Tim Flannery.

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Tim Flannery

Press Release: Byron Solar Revolution Event at Byron Eco park

The push for renewable energy in Byron shire took an inspiring leap at the Byron Solar Revolution symposium held back in 2015 at the unique Byron Eco Park. And why wouldn’t it? In a solar future, as Professor Tim Flannery told locals, Byron could be in front as the first place on the east coast to greet the sun. Byron Eco Park's ongoing push in towards a green future has continued to this day.

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