100% off the grid honey production at Byron Eco Park

Tyagarah Apiaries now proudly runs its honey factory, processing and packaging plant totally off the grid by solar power. We now can operate all our machines, both single and 3 phase, 24 /7 without any interruption due to the state of the art system installed at Eco Park.

With its own bio-energy plant, Byron Eco Park is entirely independent of traditional power providers.  The Eco Park showcases edge ECO-friendly features, including and especially alternative fuels.

Tyagarah Apiaries is proud to be a part of this exciting and innovative development and we look forward to contributing to it and watching it grow.  As for our range of medicinal use and culinary honeys, their quality isn’t effected by the fact that they’re produced “off the grid”, however when consumed, the knowledge that they’re ethically produced may enhance enjoyment of them.