• Byron ECO Park

    Living and working in harmony with nature ...

    - the spirit of Byron Bay...

  • Byron Eco Park Eagle Farm

    Byron Eco Park

    Experience the spirit of Byron Bay

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    Experience the spirit of Byron Bay

    Relax in a pristine beachfront environment

Tim Flannery

Press Release: Byron Solar Revolution Event at Byron Eco park

The push for renewable energy in Byron shire took an inspiring leap at the Byron Solar Revolution symposium held back in 2015 at the unique Byron Eco Park. And why wouldn’t it? In a solar future, as Professor Tim Flannery told locals, Byron could be in front as the first place on the east coast to greet the sun. Byron Eco Park's ongoing push in towards a green future has continued to this day.


Byron Solar Revolution - news video

Timber by EMSIEN-3 LTD

Eagle Farm

On a gorgeous 75-hectare coastal property located in Byron Shire on the north coast of New South Wales, Dieter Horstmann has been working closely with architects from L.A.V.A (Laboratory forVisionary Architecture) to create a unique eco resort, which features a set of mystical pre-historic stone structures, and many energy innovations, to create a 100% ecologically sustainable domestic village and eco-tourism resort.

  • A Natural Environment

    A Natural Environment

    Byron ECO Park is set among the pristine beauty of a natural environment on the foreshores of Byron Bay. The landscape is alive with birdlife and native fauna. The guest village is a model of energy efficiency, green technology and forward thinking approaches to living with nature.

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  • Byron ECO Park

    Byron ECO Park

    A truly unique holiday resort.

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  • A fantasy holiday experience

    A fantasy holiday experience

    Explore the amazing fantasy stone structures

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  • Live in a Tipi.

    Live in a Tipi.

    A holiday should be a unique experience. Stay in an authentic Tipi looking out over the famous surfing beach of Byron Bay. A holiday you will never forget!

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  • Magic and Mystery

    Magic and Mystery

    Byron Eco Park. There has never been another place like it!

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